The love for making custom guitars will never die. This Cybertech T-RON, a guitar inspired by Disney’s 1982 Sci Fi fiction classic TRON was built by James Hutchinson. The T-RON guitar is all draped in cool blue color scheme courtesy the uber futuristic looking light pipe inlays across the whole body. This guitar is defined by the pair of Gibson humbuckers giving a very iconic analog element that is transformed by recessed XY Midipad. This very XY Midipad and the onboard Ghost MIDI interface system produce a melodious and crystal clear array of tones that you always want in a quality guitar.

  The custom made through-body string retainer in solid brass, assuring steady tuning and plentiful sustain all complement each other well in the guitar make. Moreover, the gloss paintwork on the front and back, worn by hand give it a very smooth textured look for high class performance and showing the elements in perfect lighting conditions. 

  You can also get this Cybertech T-RON guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts for around £4000 or about $6300 at their homesite, so if you have got the moolah then this is one awesome guitar you need for your elusive collection.

  ~My personal take on this guitar is that it’s a great concept guitar and executed fairly well but I would like to have seen some kind of TRON design up and down the fret board. I think if they had added something like that it would have made this piece exceptional, especially since it has such a high price tag and the fact that this was created about two years ago maybe by now they have made better tweaks in design.