My friends from Join the Dead are at it AGAIN! You haven’t seen or heard anything about them, but it’s coming. They are one of the best metal bands to date and just played a phenomenal show opening for AAF Alien Ant Farm in their hometown of Indianapolis. There is write up of the show from Hear! Hear! Music that pretty much sums it up so I won’t go into all that here.  My favorite quote from the article is, “how long before Join The Dead outgrows Indianapolis and goes national?”

These guys are truly inspirational live and though I no longer live in Indiana I will always continue to follow and support this bad ass band. I am so thankful to be friends with their drummer, Jason Carr, and to also have had the privilege of seeing him play at least once with his original band DENT that was simply mind blowing.

If you love metal, and who doesn’t love a great metal band? Then it’s time for you to Join the Dead!