Hello and Welcome Back!

I took a break from the blues countdown on the fact that I was moving. Oh what a nightmare, I hate moving. But I’m back and ready to get the show on the road!

Ok you knew this one was coming, it has been around forever and simply put is one of the greats. I really think I would be amiss if it wasn’t in here somewhere. We can all debate the order of every list we’ve ever seen and heard but content is still king, at least till we get to the top five. But for now I’m happy to just be on the river!


Travelling Riverside Blues,” sometimes called “Mudbone” or “Mud Bone,” is a blues song written and recorded in Dallas, Texas by the bluesman Robert Johnson. Johnson’s June 20, 1937 recording has a typical 12 bar blues structure (though as is common in downhome blues of this era, the length of each verse is in fact thirteen-and-a-half bars of 4/4), played on a single guitar tuned to open G, with a slide. It was first released on the 1961 compilation LP King of the Delta Blues Singers.

  • This was written and originally recorded by Blues great Robert Johnson. Led Zeppelin borrowed heavily from American Blues music.
  • Led Zeppelin first played this for a BBC session in 1969, but the song was never released on an album. It was placed on the Box Set in 1990, and it was also made a bonus track on the Coda album for the Complete Studio Recordings.
  • Jimmy Page used a 12-string acoustic guitar to play this song.
  • The lyric, “I’ve had no lovin’ since my baby been gone” came from B.B. King’s “Woke Up This Morning (My Baby Was Gone).”
  • To get the fast bass beats, John Bonham used “Triplets” on the bass drum – he would use the tip of his toe.
    ~ This information is found here.
~ Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues
~ Led Zeppelin- Traveling Riverside Blues