My name is Scott Smith and I am the author of The Audio Museum.This is my personal site that is dedicated to the musical arts. A place of passion for artists, instruments, and everything used in the process of making the music we all love.

I am passionate about music! I love listening to music, playing music and I love learning how music is formed in the human heart.

Music is the universal language that crosses over all boundaries both physical and emotional. Without it our lives would be empty and void of the joy that comes from not only hearing but feeling the music deep inside.

I write about musicians, their instruments, and the mechanics by which they create their unique sound. I may post a few words and a video or re-post an article I thought was interesting. I may upload awesome images; they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If I re-post an article I always include a link back to the original website where the article was found. I don’t pretend to write something I didn’t, and believe that we should all give credit where credit is due. Those who are bloggers and writers know how important that last statement truly is.

The Audio Museum is a collection of music media, musical instruments and gear, and of course the musicians who bring it all to life. Join me on this musical journey with all the ups, downs, highs and lows that only real people making music from the heart will ever get to experience!