Derek Trucks Talks About His Guitar Style And You’ve Gotta Hear “Midnight In Harlem”

This is a great interview with one of the best slide guitatists of our time!


Firebird X – Part 3

WE BRING YOU THE FOURTH DIMENSION IN INSTRUMENT DESIGN — IT'S ALIVEModern electric guitars have three dimensions. The first dimension is the physical mechanics of guitar construction. This consists of the type of wood, the guitar scale, the string composition, etc.... Continue Reading →

Gibson Firebird X Limited Edition – Part 2

I know this is long overdue so lets get right to it. Enjoy! Turbo Charged "Pure-Analog™" Engine The heart of this high-performance beast is a high-performance multi-processor from Freescale. This is the same chip family used in ProTools systems, except... Continue Reading →

Gibson Firebird X Limited Edition – Part 1

Had to post this is just too awesome not to.Info & specs straight from Gibson. It features a lightweight body made from hand-sorted swamp ash, with a rock maple neck and curly maple finger board. This construction not only... Continue Reading →

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