Wireless Midi Controller for Acoustic Guitar – ACPAD

This actually looks user friendly. The effects aren't half bad either with the newer dub step samples thrown in, not to mention the drum pads.  Go here to learn more.

New Discoveries

It's funny that you can discover something old that's been around and yet never have seen or heard it. It's new to you and that's all that matters.

Preaching the Blues – Story of Son House

Son House - Father of the Delta Blues. His life reads like #1 best seller. An amazing story of growing up in church and becoming a preacher of the gospel, only to later be pulled into a life of playing... Continue Reading →

A New Day Yesterday by Joe Bonamassa

Not much to say really. Good song but a great performance.


I love the vintage style of this console, reminds me of the old days when everything was heavy and built more solid. This is a nice blend of old and new that looks good, sounds better than most stereo systems... Continue Reading →

“Explore the Guitar First Before you Add Any Pedals”

Learn to play the guitar first. Then add to what you've learned later.

Vinyl, Once Thought Dead, Makes A Comeback In The Digital Age

I have always loved old records, articles like this are music to my ears! I like the fact that there was a book of lyrics or a poster inside with other little surprises the artists themselves would throw in. I... Continue Reading →

Malcom Young to Angus, ~ ‘no I’ll keep going til I can’t’.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Malcom, for all the years and the best music in rock. You will never be forgotten! The fact that you kept going and working while going through all this is nothing short... Continue Reading →

Great News from Indy

My friends from Join the Dead are at it AGAIN! You haven't seen or heard anything about them, but it's coming. They are one of the best metal bands to date and just played a phenomenal show opening for AAF... Continue Reading →

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